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One For All All For One Aluta Continua Victoria Acerta

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The vision of the Association is to maintain her vibrancy in unionism that will ensure she
is at the forefront of fighting for the rights and protection of her members in particular
and all workers in general.


The mission of the Association is to organize, build capacity and lead workers in Private
Telecommunications and Communications sector to improve their social, economic and
Professional situations in fulfillment of their dreams and demands.


We engage private telecommunications and communications organizations in a constructive and professional manner for the interest of our members.

We are dedicated to ensuring that we take care of our members by ensuring that their fundamental working rights and needs are met and exceeded.

With unwavering and irrevocable commitment, we provide top notch legal support to our members where and when necessary.

We fight for you!

Aims & Objectives

  • . To have employees in Private Telecommunications and Communications sector united with one voice where injustice to one is injustice to all.
  • . To organize workers in Private Telecommunications and Communications sector into the membership of the union.
  • To liberate our members who are being treated like “slaves” by business owners and cooperation.
  • To promote unity among members.
  • To promote and protect Telecommunications and Communications sector in the Nigerian way; improving Nigeria technologically.
  • To support the struggle for improvement of social, economic and professional condition for members and or the fulfillment of their aspiration for decent working environment.
  • To defend democracy and trade union rights and liberties of employees of members organizations.
  • To strengthen the role and importance of Telecommunications and Communications employees in every social order and to safeguard their rights and fully participate in negotiations that will help develop their work at all levels.
  • To work for the success of Private Telecommunications and Communications Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PTECSSAN) and to interfere with other labour organizations in order to contribute meaningfully to the success of the labour movement in Nigeria.
  • To support good policies and programmes of government, especially those that will be beneficial to Nigerian workers.
  • To advocate for the substance of the broad objectives consistent with the spirit, principle and practice of the labour movement.

Address List

  • No 23 Amore Street, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja Lagos
  • 08030750427
  • info@ptecssan.ng

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PTECSSAN is a vibrant and rock steady Trade Union with the mandate to engaging private  telecommunications and  communications organizations